How Big are the Mutos in Godzilla 2014?

As all of you should know, the OFFICIAL Godzilla 2014 trailer was already released, showing two scenes that include Mutos. I've analyzed these scenes and tried my best to estimate the sizes of said creatures, here's what I got. (Enjoy)

Crawling Mutos (seen in the Subway Scene): about 30 to 40 feet tall / (Head) may reach 15 to 20 feet in length

Crawling Mutos (Continued): (Body Length) about 7 to 12 feet / (Legspan) could be over 40 feet

Flying Mutos (shown in the Scene of a giant insect leg crashing down) Below:

about 45 feet tall or more (50 to 60 feet tall with wings extended) / (Head) 15 or 20 feet in length

Flying Mutos (Continued): (Body Length) almost 20 to 26 feet / (Legspan) over 40 or 50 feet

Average Weight (Both): might range from 3 to even 15 tons (3 is a possibility due to being part insect)

I hope you found these estimates to be helpful, or at the very least (possibly) accurate. Thanks

                                                                                                         Naku Mun