350 feet tall... right?  THEN EXPLAIN THIS

Now before we get outta hand with the, "It's the angle of the picture!", "It's the Halo Drop scene!", I want to make sure you understand how to figure this out, now obviously godzilla is at a bit of a distance, and the picture is from a drop trooper's perspective, but if you look again, the trooper is VERY close to the building, and like the roof of it in this scene, godzilla's head is seen pretty clearly in this still as if he's tall enough to reach above all the destruction...

The building starts to fade into the smoke pretty quickly as you go from the top down, and godzilla has a good portion of his head and upper neck within visibility.

With all this, I conclude that the REAL Godzilla will be between 500 and 700 feet tall.

or 150 and 213.36 meters tall.

Proof that godzilla is 245 meters tallIN YOUR FACE

Have a field day with this...