Naku Mun is back with another question that many of you probably still have, How Do You Beat Mecha King Ghidorah in Godzilla: Domination!

Well, to be honest, I had trouble with this too. Until I did a bit of research and found some of these very helpful tips:

1) Get through the game with a "Power-Character", the strongest playable character is Mecha-Godzilla. So, you're gonna want to use him to find MKG

2) Mecha King Ghidorah is MASSIVE, he takes up half the screen, and all of his attacks do some major damage, so you need to dodge as many times as possible. Especially when he jumps, if he jumps, you jump. Otherwise you'll take insane amounts of damage and become immobile for a bit.

3) When MKG's heads are swinging (if he's not attacking) you need to attack his heads. the best way to reach them is by standing at the top of the tile just below the map's edge. when you jump you can always reach them.

4) Now there should be a point where the crystal on his chest glows (or blinks). When it does this, you must attack it quickly.

5) Now you just repeat the above and beat the game! good luck guys, and enjoy!

                                                                                                                              Naku Mun