With the release of the International Trailer, many new scenes and stills have been published online, I took a look at these and decided that I should make one final calculation on the Mutos, this time I really tried.

Again these are just my guesses, I only got the answers from comparison and whatever bit of info that I've already gotten as to what these things are (From Legendary Pictures and Warner Bros.). Here's what I concluded.

ShodaiMuto (Crawling/8-Legged Muto): 40.9 meters tall / 61.45 meters long / 107.5 meters (Legspan)

HokMuto (Moth/Flying Muto): 20-50 meters tall / 306.4 meters long / 612.8 meters (Wingspan)

Legendary Godzilla: Between 150-245.8 meters tall / between 338.4-554.5 meters long / (continued below)

Between 82,500 to 90,000 pounds & 147,480 pounds (82.5 to 90 or even 147.48 Kilotons)

That's it, Thanks for taking the time to visit this page, and as always I hope you enjoyed!

Naku "Cold" Mun