I've been researching this topic for a while, I used the trailers, Wikipedia, this very wikia, and even snapshots. when I finally found a picture from the Golden Gate Bridge scene, it was just a matter of scale, here's what I found.

According to Wikipedia, the Golden Gate Bridge has a total height of 746 feet or 227.4 meters, including the submerged portion.

Godzilla is obviously taller than this bridge in the picture, so to find the creatures height I just have to look at how much taller it is to GGB. I had to study this for a little while too, but eventually came to this theory, judging from the proportions of Toho's suits, I can guess that Legendary Goji's head is about 1/12 to 1/10 the total height of our creature. Plus, there's a small part of the neck that's still above the bridge, since the neck is usually 1/5 to 1/4 of the body,I can put these two together and say that Godzilla's 1 1/5 to 1 1/3 the size of the GGB.

This was the easiest part, as well as the last required for solving this question, math. I divided the bridge's total height by 5 and 3 then added the two individually, making two answers.

Finally, The Total Height Of Godzilla (and maybe official) Is,

Possibility 1: 272.88 Meters tall (895.27 Feet tall)

Possibility 2: 303.2 Meters tall (994.75 Feet tall)

Thanks, and enjoy.