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  • I live in Planet Vegeta
  • I was born on January 23
  • My occupation is Drawing in general, Research, etc.
  • I am Classified, consider me both genders
  • NaturallyTwisted

    Please don't actually message this blog until Monday... I'll edit this when the time comes

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  • NaturallyTwisted

    whoo boy, it's been quite awhile, hasn't it? Years in fact... I've been through a lot lately, Highschool, Family, Moving... and I'm helping someone Design a Jurassic World game on ROBLOX. BUT NEVER FEAR! FOR I HAVE RETURNED!

    Tune in Monday next week, where I dedicate my entire week to answer some of your Questions, Theories, and make an occasional update.


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  • NaturallyTwisted

    I was searching online for some size comparisons and full body designs of the creatures, things like drawings, film stills, and concept art. Then I found a very interesting image, The cover of the Godzilla movie itself is the same as the posters and ads at theaters. It shows Godzilla in the poster, arriving onto the shore and starting to travel inland through the city. What caught my eye were the pictures that had replaced his original cover image.

    The new pictures were silhouettes of a Side-View Godzilla, three of them in fact, and each was a different size. As it turns out, this image was showing how big godzilla would be if he was any of the 3 main scales.

    (Over 100 meters, 150 meters & 200 meters up)

    Here's where things get interesting.


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  • NaturallyTwisted

    Same day as the last one, DOUBLE BLOG!!!

    This is probably going to be the final blog post on Godzilla 2014's scale, if not one of a few more finals. In this, I will cover every Official Scale, every "Stated" Official Scale, and some extras... Get Comfortable.

    Official Movie (Legendary Pictures & Warner Bros.)

    Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male): up to 200 feet tall (50-60 meters) / (Aircraft required scale wingspan) Below

    Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male) Continued: around 400 feet long, 560 feet long (outstreached), 1120 feet wide

    Hokkaito Muto (Winged Male) Final: 121.9 meters long, 170.6 meters long (outstreached), 341.3 meters wide

    Weight: 7-20 or so Kilotons

    Femuto (8-Legged Female): 300-305 feet tall (91.4-92.9 meters) / 80-100 feet long (21.3-30.4 meter…

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  • NaturallyTwisted

    Ever since I was in South Dakota (at around 5-7 years old), I've had this one movie that I loved as much as Pokemon Fans and their films. Digimon Adventure ((Movie) Duh), this show was my childhood, and I even still revisit it on occasion.

    First off, for those of you who have never heard of Digimon, here's a "breif" explanation of the universe.

    Digimon are creatures that live in their own united planet, this world can be reached most commonly through the net/web, thus is nicknamed the Digital World. The Inhabitants, known fully as Digital Monsters, are an ever expanding race of individual species/sub-species and so on. Digimon are usually born in an egg, this egg takes only a very short time to hatch (and depending on where the egg is after …

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