For the past few months I have been telling people that I was going to make a video that not only does it have enough evidence that the Zilla name change was a 100% real, but the real highlight of the video was that I would bash/humiliate TurokSwe, and expose that filthy animal for the biased liar he is. But as time went on, I began to slack off at first, but after I got too busy with college and my personal life, I kind of stopped doing it, meanwhile everybody finally realized that the troll is just not worth the time, and decided to simply just ignore IT. I'm saying this because now that the TrollSwe heat has gone down, I wanna make one important question: should I keep going forward with the video and bash the troll once and for all, or should I just talk about Zilla Name Change, alone, and not speak of the little bastard, since he's already gotten a reputation of the most hated troll of the internet?

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Should I trash the troll once and for all?

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BTW, can some you who has a YouTube account can do me a favor and give a thumbs up to a comment I made in this video?

Godzilla '94 graphic novel intro - roar edited

My Comment: "Wow, thank you. :) Hey, by the way, will the Godzilla '94 graphic novel be finished in American Kaiju any time soon? It's REALLY good, much better than that disgraceful spit-in-the-face abomination TriStar approved."

Apparently the swedish troll heavily down voted my comment when I said "...much better than that disgraceful spit-in-the-face abomination TriStar approved.", because, of course, he doesn't want anybody to talk trash to his "precious".