I have some bad news, it seems there's actually going to be another movie coming out the same weekend as Godzilla 2014, Disney's based-on-a-true-story movie, "Million Dollar Arm"...they're seriously going up against Godzilla.

Here's the movie's plot: "a sports agent who stages a reality competition in India to find the next great baseball player." Sounds boring, right? Why waste money on a movie about somebody's life when you can read his biography on the internet for free, the movie pretty much gave it's own plot already.

I'm saying this because we can't allow people to go and say "I rather watch this movie instead of Godzilla". Look at what happened when "Pacific Rim" and "Grown Ups 2" came out the same weekend, more people went to see Sandler getting his dumbass face pissed all over instead of seeing two titans duke it out like as if it was a bar fight, luckily, Pacific Rim survived by a landslide with the positive feedback and its $406,685,632 worldwide total, coming out twice as successful as Sandler's piss-fest. My point is that we, and our fellow Godzilla/Kaiju fan community, need to create hype and convince EVERYBODY to watch Godzilla instead of a boring true story film before it's too late. NOW WHO'S WITH ME?!