This is my movie plot idea.


Mizuho Yoshida as Godzilla

Motokuni Nakagawa as MetalGodzilla

Tsutomu Kitagawa as Repan

Robert Patterson as Grant

Kristen Stewart as The Vortaak empress

Will Smith as Akira (Pilot of MetalGodzilla)

Don Frye as The general

Also featuring:

Akira Ohashi as King Ghidorah

Kazuhiro Yoshida as Gigan


3 weeks after the events of Godzilla Unleashed...

Several incidents involving large amounts of destruction are being reported around the world. The destruction is being blamed on Godzilla. When Grant (Robert Patterson) arrives in New York (Yes an in joke about Godzilla 1998) to check out the destruction of the Statue of Liberty (Obvious Joke) he discovers strange evidence of a smaller monster about the size of the first king kong. When incidents begin happening in Japan there is more panic as strange UFO's begin appearing. It is revealed by the Vortaak Empress (Kristen Stewart) that there are readings of a strange creature from the Earth that could prove a large threat to them as well. She allows the military to use their monsters King Ghidorah and Gigan (Final Wars Design) to kill it. When Godzilla rises and meets with his well known enemies they get into a fight. The General (Don Frye) beleives the monsters borrowed from the Vortaak should be returned. To break up the monsters fighting they build a new version of MechaGodzilla that is exactly like Godzilla in almost every way named MetalGodzilla. MetalGodzilla is piloted by a cowardly young man named Akira (Will Smith). When MetalGodzilla manages to stop the fighting between the monsters It's main core gets sliced apart by a strange humanoid monster that is not very large. The monster,Godzilla,Gigan,and Ghidorah get into a giant fight that almost ends with the monster being destroyed. When it runs away it manages to convince a kid to be it's friend with it's human vocabulary. The kid manages to sneak into his dad's work and steal the cells of Godzilla and Reptilicus. When Reptilicus joins the battle the kid is told to insert the cells in the monster who has revealed itself under the name Repan. With the cells Repan transforms into his adult form and manages to kill Gigan,Ghidorah,and Reptilicus with ease. It and Godzilla then face off. In a spectacular battle of giant proportions MetalGodzilla joins into the battle and almost destroyed.At his death Akira gets Godzilla to activate a nuclear storage center in his heart and transforms into Super Godzilla. He unleashes new unstoppable powers and in the finale attacks Repan with a naval blast. The blast's end forms into the head of Super Godzilla,roars, and hits and completely obliterates Repan. Godzilla transforms back and goes into the sea without being stopped.