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    This is my movie plot idea.

    Mizuho Yoshida as Godzilla

    Motokuni Nakagawa as MetalGodzilla

    Tsutomu Kitagawa as Repan

    Robert Patterson as Grant

    Kristen Stewart as The Vortaak empress

    Will Smith as Akira (Pilot of MetalGodzilla)

    Don Frye as The general

    Also featuring:

    Akira Ohashi as King Ghidorah

    Kazuhiro Yoshida as Gigan

    3 weeks after the events of Godzilla Unleashed...

    Several incidents involving large amounts of destruction are being reported around the world. The destruction is being blamed on Godzilla. When Grant (Robert Patterson) arrives in New York (Yes an in joke about Godzilla 1998) to check out the destruction of the Statue of Liberty (Obvious Joke) he discovers strange evidence of a smaller monster about the size of the first king kong. When…

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    Fan mail

    June 26, 2010 by Mothra2000

    Many monsters have sent in fan mail relating to these 4 monsters. Some is hate mail,Some is love mail,and some I don't know.The monsters who receive the mail are:

    1. Clover
    2. Me
    3. Destoroyah
    4. Godzilla
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    Ask Mothra

    June 26, 2010 by Mothra2000

    My own Ask blog.

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