Every show needs mythology! And I got mine almost complete, which means I can then write a story so here I will keep track of my Mythology.

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Music will be a big part of the mythology, as you can tell by my soundtrack, each episode is going to have one song to represent it. The music for that episode is going to have orchestral stems of song in certain scenes (stems are only tiny parts of the song that make it a whole i.e. Drum stems, Acapella Stems, Synth Stems and so forth). Sometimes the song will be hidden and I would like fans to try and figure out which song it is.


Song - Centric Monster - Artist - Episode Name

Monster - Biollante - Lady GaGa - Poison (Name is still being chosen)

In a scene with the main character for the episode who's named Rose, She will get raped while the bass of Monster will be playing the 50 mark and when she is destroying cities as biollante, this is playing the 1:00 mark without the vocals.


Of course Monsters are part of the mythology, because, THATS THE POINT OF THE SHOW! Every episode is going to feature at least one monster and every episode is going to shed story on a Monster (alongside characters).


Episode Name/Number - Main Monster - Other Monsters Included

101 Pilot - Godzilla - Anguirus, C-Rex

Godzilla is revealed to be the first monster ever seen and Godzilla is shown to be attracted to big cities, The Character, is later revealed to have strong hatred for Godzilla, and he wishes to kill him.

Banned Pokemon Episodes

Sometimes, my show will pay tribute to banned pokemon episodes. I will have events in my show that represent an event that either was the reason the episode got banned or an event that happened in the episode.


Banned Episode Event - Monsters Episode Event

Tentacruel's Tentacool's attacking a city - Hydraviries attacking a city

A Porygon related episode giving kids seizures - a Monster designed to kill vitcims by giving them seizures and then eating them

Your Inner Monster

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