I want to become a person involved with Movie, Television or Music Video Production when I am older. When I am older I want to get involved with at least one Godzilla project (hopefully multiple successful ones). But why not have one giant Television Show instead of having Movies? I'll make it similar to Lost (the older seasons) where episodes are centred around a character. So here's the basis of the shows plot.

Basic Plot Line

Around the time where the 3rd world war started, Giant Monsters began to walk about and everyone is freaking out. Will it be your town or city to be the target?

But however I will have multiple plot lines because each centric episode will be centred around one (or maybe even some)

Plot Line A

This is the world leaders plot (partially inspired by 24)

(The idea for this plot line revolves around the plot line in the Godzilla Hesei series)

With our world in a political crisis and countries losing trust of each other, how will we be able to work together to stop them?

-Important Notes-

  • They do not know that Monster Island exists

Plot Line B

This is the "mysterious" native group's plot (this plot line is going to partly inspired by Death Until Dark, Avatar and The Chyrsalids)

(The idea for this plot line revolves around the plot line from most of the movies that Mothra was in)

With our goddess gone for thousands of years after the great war, How can we survive with the chance of society and the monsters of finding our island?

-Important Notes-

  • After this so called "great war", some of the natives went to the modern world while some stayed in their native life. The people who decided to join the modern world eventually lost their spiritual touch but however, if their goddess was ever to return... they will get unusual powers so that their goddess will be able to contact them
  • The goddess a famous monster we know! However, I can't say it (even though it's obvious) because of spoilers.
  • One of the natives will fall in love with a modern world explorer.

Plot Line C

This is the "Thought Readers" plot (this plot line is going to be inspired by The Chyrsalids and partly inspired by Death Until Dark)

(The idea for this plot line revolves around the telepaths in the Godzilla Hesei series)

With all the Monsters around and you are beginning to hear things that no one else hears, How can you focus your career and life?

-Important Notes-

  • They can read the emotions and feelings of living things... including monsters!

Plot Line D

This is Airplane Crash Survivors/Scientists Plot Line (this plot line is going to be partly inspired by Lost)

You just found yourself on an island, but however this island is not stranded and uninhabited... it is an island where they keep monsters at bay and in captivity. How will you survive with mad scientists and angry monsters?

-Important Notes-

  • The island is actually Monster Island!
  • The scientists study the monsters, however some of them create them!

My Re-Inventions of Monsters

To make it original, I will need to change monsters to make them more believable (cough... Gabara... cough)


A Crayfish that was one of the first discovered monsters. It was discovered when the Oil Spill of 2010 that lasted for decades seemed to disappear in an instant second. My changes to the monster is that it's DNA sequence changed when generations of its species have consumed tar. It is supposedly to have a connection with Ebirah (the love of Oil in CRex and the love of Red Bamboo with Ebirah). Where will it strike next?

-Important Notes-

  • It tends to strike Oil Tankers.
  • It will follow Hedorah due it being hungry.


(idea is a work in progress)

Idea 1

Basically instead of Gabara being a little dream bully, he will change to Freddy Crougar and terrorize people in dreams. Gabara was a Thought Reader who took G-Cells as a drug enhancement, but however he overdosed it alongside an overdosed it with a Hallucinogen. it effected so badly that he changed his DNA into a Dragonoid that can enter his entity into other peoples dream. Gabara is mostly be featured in the Thought Readers plot. Some drastic changes is that he isn't giant but Human sized and is capable of talking.

Idea 2

Instead of being a dream bully, Gabara will become a DEMON. Instead of having a look inspired by Japanese ogres. I will make it look something like this. [1] It won't just be bullying kids and baby monsters, it is going to TERRIFY KIDS and BEAT THE CRAP OUT OF MONSTERS. Gabara's static, has got to go!! Instead, he gets to shoot out lighting and wherever he goes, a storm follows.


(This monster is inspired by a song called Monster by Lady Gaga and Poison Ivy from Batman)

I'm taking the Biollante plot line from the movie and meshing it with the plot line from Godzilla Unleashed. But my twist is that a 24 year old girl who survived the monster island plane crash, but later got raped by a mad scientist. When he raped her, he "fell in love with her" but she doesn't love him. The mad scientist feeling rejected decides to attack her, by pushing her into a pile of biological waste, which was radioactive of course.

-Important Notes-

  • She is connected with the experiments on Monster Island.
  • She is connected with the Thought Readers.
  • She invades Las Vegas and Paris <reference to GU double smash.


No alternate universes and all that jazz, maybe she is genetic experiment gone wrong. Megaguirus was originally intended to be a new form of organic pesticides. With a unique genetic mix of a Scorpions and Drangonflies. Since G-Cells are highly immune to most diseases and can rapidly evolve creatures, the developers of this new pesticide used it as a quick way to develop Megaguirus. However, G-Cells also contain a dangerous side-effect... it can mutate creatures. Megaguirus grew and grew, till it was giant and it also didn't look like a bug anymore. Megaguirus grew a mouth and it's mandibles are no longer usefull, its stinger now has a deadly venom that injects highly crossive liquid... but usually it leaks out of its stinger! Megaguirus' genetic structure made it reproduce asexually and it began to lay eggs. Megaguirus lays its eggs in the water and it spawns giant aquatic scorpions that are amphibious. These Meganulon prey on human beings and other animals, and if they eat enough... they will grow into Meganula, which are car sized dragonflies. Megaguirus eventually grows so big that her flight can cause shockwaves. With her Meganula following her every move, wherever she goes there are swarms of giant dragonflies and shockwaves. Megaguirus will claim a very popular city containing a lot of water ... which one is it?

-Important Notes-

  • She invades Venice, Italy.
  • Of course, she is genetically created on Monster Island.

Clover/Kishin/Cloverfield Monster or whatever it's called

Well ... if I get copyrights, I WILL put this little critter into the mix. This creature is just so unique... but it's missing something. I believe it needs to have a weapon of some sort, and a spiked tail is all it needs! However... I need an origin and a real name. For me, but I thought I would need inside joke for fans. So how about this creature doesn't have a real name (like the MIB in Lost) mainly because everyone calls it a different thing. The reason people will call it different names, is because more than 1 will appear around the world simultaniously (In Tokyo, Shanghai and New York < Reference to the film) In Japan, they call it Kishin, in China they call it Ocanic and in America they call it Clover. Now onto its origin, Clover/Kishin/Ocanic will originate from the ocean's depths. It will be found in Mariana's Trench.

--Important Notes--

  • Parasites are still there.
  • Manda, Gezora, Gigan and Megalon are tied to Kishin/Clover/Ocanic


Well, Gigan is going to have its final wars look, however it needs a new back story. Aliens are like an excuse for the Sci-fi genre, so I will try to keep aliens to a minimum. Gigan is going to be connected to Manda, Gezora, Megalon and Cloverfield because of the Atlantians. For those who do not know what Atlantians are, the are people from ATLANTIS, the great underwater city. I will reveal how in the show via Flashback and it shows that the Atlantians made creatures but they had to have had a prototype, and Gigan is the prototype. Gigan being programmed to protect the island that the Atlantians were on from being found. So whenever settlers came trying to protect it, Gigan came along. The settlers thought that Gigan was a demon and called him a Leviathan, and then the Leviathan myth started. Gigan is 1/6 Machine and 5/6 whatever, since it is 5/6 is organic, it has feelings, keep this in mind. My big re-invention is that it has a brian!! It can MAKE IT'S OWN DECISIONS, unlike it's old counter-part where it follows orders without thinking.



This is Mothra's Basic Design

Ahh Mothra, such a wonderful creature, I don't want to ruin her, so I will try to play it safe on this one. Mothra will get a more realistic approach to her, She is treated like a Goddess, however, she isn't really one. The islanders of Infant Island worship moths because they are creatures of "Light". Mothra is an ancient species of Moth that hide in the skies and use their size to their advantage, this new species called Lathaoe Giganticus or Titan Moth uses their massive size and scales to create wind storms and light to prevent Predators from catching them. Mothra will not have the power to control Lightning, no beams, but she has deadlier weapons, Distracting Light, Telepathy, Super Sonic Screech and of course Manipulation of Nature. Mothra won't look like a butterfly anymore, she will look like a real moth similar to [2] but with Mothra's coloring. What I mean by Manipulation of Nature, Mothra's species can influence lighting, Mothra's Scales when released from her wings will become Negatively charged and will influence clouds to spark lighting. Also I will keep the Shobijin, the Cosmos and her rivalry with Gigan and Battra. But why them?? Right now I will mention Gigan and you have to wait for Battra. Gigan being told to destroy anything near Atlantis, Gigan notices an island close to it, Infant Island. Gigan heads towards it and tortures all the islanders. The islanders with no hope pray, then Titan Moths come, but not just a Titan Moth, it's MOTHRA!! Mothra and Gigan have a fight, Mothra wins with her light and Gigan brings the Atlantians and now, the Atlantians and the Infantians now have an unexpected alliance. Theres a native tribe focusing on Magic and keeping the Earth Pure and theres a Futuristic civilization about improvement and making the world one giant Metropolis, both are now working together... How will it work??


Orga, Orga, Orga, Orga... You are one weird creature! Orga is going to be one of season one's "villain monster". Orga is going to be a build up monster throughout the season. So I will show little clips of people's computers getting glitched up with images of godzilla on the screen. Also Orga isn't going to get a major "makeover", in fact orga is still going to have the same look and a very similar origin. Orga is going to be a mutated space parasite that tries to use the technology of the planet it is currently on to learn everything about the planet. When the parasite learns everything about it, it will try to use a host that is usually the strongest creature on that planet. And the strongest creature is GODZILLA. Orga copies Godzilla but his radiation caused Orga to change, Orga didn't look anything like Godzilla, Orga looked like a Mutant-GorillaCrocodile. Orga and Godzilla had a duel and in the end, Godzilla was victorious with Orga weak and powerless, being taken away.


Wolf dragon

This is Desghidorah's New Design

Ahh, you might get mad at me for changing him like crazy... first off, Desghidorah is NOT going to have 3 heads. I did this because I want my monsters to be more realistic. Like, I want my monsters to be more believable than the actual Godzilla series. So, Desghidorah has the ability to make fire, no earth bending... Desghidorah will be the main basis for a new character plot about a crocodile hunter type figure... Desghidorah will be like Crocodile-Wolf-Bat thing that can breathe fire that escapes Monster Island and causes terror on the island of Oahu (Hawaii).


600px-DS final

Imagine this mixed with Obsidius' look in GU, and thats what the Re-Invention of him is

Obsidius will have a MAJOR change. The image you see, is actually a creature called Dark Samus, which is part of metroid but the Concept art of Dark Samus was begging to be made into an epic creature. So thats why I thought that maybe a creature with so much potential but just came out an utter mess should be changed into an epic villain. So the design of Obsidius is changing. See that design right there, well... Obsidius will have that basic shape but that arm cannon will become like the left hand. As for Dark Samus in the body, that be there, instead it would be a mouth like Obsidius' but it jagged rocks would act like teeth. For the story, Obsidius is the result of a atlantian project gown awry. Obsidius was supposed to be a semi-bioweapon disguised as a volcano to scare aware settlers, however the atlantians didn't know what would happen if it reacted with nuclear energy. The military was testing bombs on an island which was actually Atlantis deserted from life, just all the machines and bioweapons turned off. The bioweapons reactivated with the power of the nuclear energy, and guess who came back with vengeance, Obisidius. Obsidius being programmed to attack humans... Obsidius being a living volcano, would become the worlds greatest threat.


Manduca Sexta Moth

This is Battra's Basic Look

Battra is going to have a design to match Mothra's... they will both look like this [3]. Battra is a cousin to an ancient form of butterfly. Battra flies at very high speeds and can cause atoms around it to move as fast as possible and forms friction that cause fire. Mothra's species can manipulate lighting, and Battra's species can manipulate fire. Battras are treated as guardians to the Infantians, just like Mothra, Battra protected them. However, Battra was used for Attack and Mothra was used for Protection. Battra being a Negative and Mothra being a Positive, When they both mix, a negative is formed. Battra and Mothra fought. They fought for a long time, in the end, another species came in and stopped the entire fight and only 3 moths survived. And all 3 went dormant and were never seen again.

Anguirus and King Caesar

Everything about King Caesar will stay the same, Anguirus will change a bit only their origins that are different. I am pairing them up because they are counterparts in my universe. Anguirus and King Caesar are going to be guardians of the land while Mothra and Battra are Guardians of the Sky. They awaken when the planet gets in grave danger. Anguirus will represent a gargoyle and King Caesar will represent a Lion Statue, but when awakened King Caesar is a shisa and Anguirus a ankylosaur. Anguirus awakens and senses Godzilla as a threat and decides to kill him. Anguirus fails and is turned into stone. King Caesar and challenges Godzilla, however, another monster challenges both. a monster called Clover. Cloverfield eventually loses from the overpowering team. King Caesar now believing that Godzilla is not a threat to humanity, goes back to rest and turns back into stone. However, Anguirus, is in stone, but is not in his proper place. Anguirus reawakens and finds that the human race has destroyed it. Anguirus now being mad at the human race. He rages war and decides to attack Shanghai.

New Monsters

Obviously I will create some new monsters. However I need to rethink most of them but I got ideas.

The Fame Monster/Hydraviri

Name Origin: A mix between Hydro (Water) and Viri (Poison in Latin)

Reason for inclusion

Well, I am a little monster so I need Gaga to be in this project because in an interview, Gaga said quote "I love watching Sci-fi Monster Movies", and she also created a monster called the fame monster which can be seen in the live Paparazzi preformances in the Monster Ball 2.0 tour. I thought to myself and I thought I might include it into this project as an easter egg to my fellow little monsters.


It will look like an Angler Fish had a baby with an Octopus, for proof, look at the picture. It is green with bright yellow eyes. Watch [4] for a better look.

The Fame Monster

The Fame Monster with Gaga while she is preforming Paparazzi

  • Height: 10 Feet
  • Length: 30 Feet
  • Width: 5 Feet


  • Hypnotism with its light
  • Sharp teeth
  • Strong tentacles

Plotline in the show

Hydraviri is going to hunt in packs and they attack C-Rex, Godzilla and Gezora. They nearly kill C-Rex during the battle but they retreat because they see the sight of Hedorah. They do get in a fight with a Gezora and they kill it, however some of them die with their fight with Godzilla. However they do attack the people of Rio Di Janeiro by the beach, but the Military quickly take care of the business. They do make a successful kill when attacking scuba divers by the great barrier reef.


Hydraviri is going to be in an episode with the song Paparazzi. This represents at how artists are lured by the fame only to get their reputation ruined by the Paparazzi and get killed in the business. Just like at how Fish are attracted to the light but end up getting killed by the angler fish behind it. How is this going to be used in the show however?? Well, Hydraviri's light will hypnotize people towards it and Hydraviri will kill them :D

Why are monsters around?

Well, Monsters have been appearing around the world at once. Well it has to do with Roman Mythology. Ever heard of the Pandora's Box. Well, it is a box that had evil trapped inside of it. The first woman on Earth named Pandora was granted gifts from Gods and Goddess. However everything, she wasn't allowed open 1 gift... She eventually opened it. When she opened it, she unleashed all the evil inside it. Now what does this have to with the storyline. Well, The Atlantians trapped the souls of the bioweapons and power of the machines in a room. When the Atlantians died out from Mothra, a monster not yet revealed moth and Battra, Humans found the island. Once the humans found a room with high amounts of Radiation, they decided to open it. All the spirits of the beasts that the Atlantians hid from the world, unleashed. They went back to their bodies and showed the Human Race who's boss.


Every show needs go advertising.

See [5]


Every good T.V Show needs a good soundtrack and heres mine. This will change over time as new songs come out but here is what is to be expected

  • Track # - Artist - Song Name - Fits in to which part of the show - Youtube Video
  • 1 - Lady Gaga - Monster - Biollante/Rose's Storyline in an ironic way - [6]
  • Track 2 - Janelle Monae - Cold War - One of the key Mythology of the show - [7]
  • 3 - Metric - Gold Gun Girls - unnamed millionaire's storyline - [8]
  • 4 - M.I.A - Born Free - Protester's Storyline - [9]
  • 5 - Lights - Saviour - Mind Reader's storyline - [10]
  • 6 - Kelis - Acapella - Mothra's Devoted "Worshipers" Storyline - [11]
  • 8 - Depeche Mode - Precious - How the characters destroyed the world with war - [13]
  • 9 - Ke$ha - Animal - Another key Mythology of the show - [14]
  • 10 - La Roux - In For The Kill - About a soldier trying to kill Godzilla - [15]
  • 11 - Coldplay - Yellow - About an unnamed person is doing everything for another person - [16]
  • 12 - Katy Perry - E.T - About an unamed person falling in love with a another person - [17]



If you want to see my shows Mythology ... type in /Mythology at the end of the URL at the top, you'll be sent to my shows mythology. (Please use a Capitol M)

Season 1 Schedule

Well, Season one is going to be EPIC so it has to be well thought out. Each episode is going to be a character centric or a monster centric, each having CRAZY plot-twists that will make your brain go WTFJH!!! Also, every episode is going to centre around a plotline.

See [18]

Got ideas? Got Questions?

Tell me in the comments