1. Welcome to Mutant Island. Home of the Monsters. First on our tour , I'd like to explain this is a reel of Kaiju I made up.         
  2. Lupusaurus: A psychopathic scientist named Ichiro Mixaplice fused Dog DNA into a dinosaur skeleton. Lupusaurus has a sonic bark that pushes away everything within 34 feet away from it. It must rest after using this attack. It also has two horns on its nose. The first one shoots fire, and the other one shoots ice.
  3. Kollkrab: Another DNA fusion made from an octopus and a crab. It has four claws and four tentacles. The tentacles can split human bone in half with a single smack. The claws shoot out small bubbles of toxic energy that stun the opponent for at least 48 seconds.
  4. Klolfur: A DNA fusion from a T-rex and a Wolverine. It has a comb similar to that of a rooster's. That comb is it's weakness. It's claws shoot out  missiles that explode upon contact with DNA. They can also slash through titanium. It has supreme jumping skills.
  5. Guluvknola: A fusion of a Salamander and a Daffodil. It shoots lightning out of its yellow carapace. It grows Daffodils on it head every Spring, when spring is over, they explode, making spores that will hatch into more of the species in late October.
  6. What do you guys think