Hey there G-fans. I recently started to watch the Yo Mama Jokes.I thought, how about some yo mama godzilla jokes? So far, I only came with one.

Yo Mama's so ugly, that she scared the crap out of Biollante!

When Gigan needs a stupid partner, he goes to Megalon. Yo momma so stupid, when Megalon needs a stupid partner, he goes to her.

Yo mamma so annoying, the Devil's Whistle's noise comes from her whining and moaning.

Yo mamma so fat, that when Godzilla rolled her away from Tokyo, headlines were saying "GODZILLA VS. THE BLOB!!!"

When Gabara is bored, he bullies Minilla. Yo mamma so ugly, Minilla bullies HER when he's bored.

Credit goes to ShodaiGoro for the 4 of these.

Yo mama so ugly, Hedorah told her that she looks like crap. (ProvenBeat)

Yo Momma's so ugly that Godzilla didn't knew if she was Minilla or Hedorah. (IdemSplix)

Yo Mamma's so ugly that she was supposed to be Hedorah, but got scrapped. (IdemSplix)

Yo' mamma is so ugly,that if she was a queen, not even REDKING would like to marry her! (GDF private Peucoman)

"Biollante's so fat, when she went up to space, NASA said they discovered a new planet!" (Titanollante)

Yo momma's so hairy, that when she went to the zoo in Japan, AN ALLIGATOR ATTACKED HER!!!...the press said: "King Kong VS Godzilla 2, the rematch"

Ultraseven shrunk to a bacteria's size to fight Darii, right? well yo momma's so short, that Ultraseven had to shrink DOWN TO A BACTERIA'S SIZE TO FIGHT HER!!!

y'know, I've always wondered, who's the oldest kaiju in Earth, answer could be either Dodongo, Desghidorah or YO MOMMA! BECAUSE SHE'S SOOOOOO OLD! AND ALSO, SHE'S AS UGLY AS A KAIJU!!! (Peucoman)

Come up with more in the comments, and I'll put them up here while giving credit!