So, today on chat I was banned by ShodaiGoro for "excessive arguing". That's not what pisses me off. What pisses me off is that a moderator, Flaredragon was not banned either. It all started when I started something to pass some time. I told the 2 other chat members who would win guilala or godzilla. That's when flaredragon entered the chat. We talked about a few other battles, like titanosaurus vs zilla jr, battle royale with the mechagodzillas, and king kong vs sanda vs frankenstein. But that's when I suggested MUTO vs Zilla. MUTO won. But then I said, how about zilla jr vs the MUTO's? Flaredragon and I started arguing about the MUTO'S emp, and how it was a defense mechanism against 2014 godzilla's atomic breath and not for zilla jr's atomic breath. He said that zilla jr is a mutant iguana and godzilla 2014 is a thing. I said that 2014 is a force of nature. That's where it all went wrong. He called me a dumbass because all kaiju's are forces of nature. We started arguing, but ShodaiGoro for some reason, only got mad at me and warned me that it's my last chance. I said that Flaredragon called me a dumbass but he didn't care. So I stopped arguing. Marp asked "What was the argument about?". I told him I got into an argument with Flaredragon called me an asshole. Then Flaredragon stated, that I was using the "I am a victim waaaa" tactic. I told him "I stopped arguing, why didn't you?". He said "No you didn't, you're trying to bad mouth me". I was about to say something back, but ShodaiGoro banned me already. I was pissed as hell, because I found out flaredragon wasn't banned. Seriously? What the hell? This is not damn fair. He was the one who started the whole argument, YET I GET BANNED?

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