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    February 19, 2015 by LookatmeIgotaKey


    50 Years of Guarding the Universe

    An American Doujinshi by Matt Frank and Josh Bugosh

    In the year 1965, from the depths of an arctic glacier, awoken by an accidental atomic explosion, came crawling the Friend of all Children, the Guardian of the Universe, the Terrible Terrapin of Tokyo, GAMERA. Sweeping the Japanese box office, and quickly becoming an pop culture icon in his own right, Gamera captured the hearts of kaiju fans the world over, both young and old. After 12 feature films, Gamera’s 50th anniversary is upon us in the year 2015…and any rumors of a celebratory film were quickly silenced. As the months march on, it seems less and less likely that the mighty reptile will recieve his due, even as the kaiju genre enjoys a …

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    September 25, 2014 by LookatmeIgotaKey

    Just want to point out, it's my B-DAY! :D

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    September 20, 2014 by LookatmeIgotaKey
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    "epic music plays"


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    Hey there G-fans. I recently started to watch the Yo Mama Jokes.I thought, how about some yo mama godzilla jokes? So far, I only came with one.

    Yo Mama's so ugly, that she scared the crap out of Biollante!

    When Gigan needs a stupid partner, he goes to Megalon. Yo momma so stupid, when Megalon needs a stupid partner, he goes to her.

    Yo mamma so annoying, the Devil's Whistle's noise comes from her whining and moaning.

    Yo mamma so fat, that when Godzilla rolled her away from Tokyo, headlines were saying "GODZILLA VS. THE BLOB!!!"

    When Gabara is bored, he bullies Minilla. Yo mamma so ugly, Minilla bullies HER when he's bored.

    Credit goes to ShodaiGoro for the 4 of these.

    Yo mama so ugly, Hedorah told her that she looks like crap. (ProvenBeat)

    Yo Momma…

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