So, I saw this question asked somewhere else on the internet, and I wanted to bring it to this wikia to see what you guys think.

What Pacific Rim kaiju would last the longest battling Godzilla?

Personally, I'd say Leatherback. For starters he's 267 feet tall. Here is what the Pacific Rim wiki has under is biology:

"Leatherback is a naturally hostile creature; however, if injured, Leatherback uses hit and run tactics to defeat foes. It will retreat from proactive battle and hide until the enemy is distracted. Pouncing on enemies from behind, Leatherback uses the weight of its opponent against them. Leatherback's fists are akin to that of maces, the hard protrusions that cover its hands and body can tear through armor. Its thick skin allows it to withstand great amounts of damage without falter. This is further enhanced by heavy armor on the shoulders, as well as a rather notable crest-like plate that covers the top of the head.

Its strength lies behind its rage, particularly when challenged in an attack. Its movement resembles that of a gorilla, walking on its knuckles with jumping abilities and large shovel-like hands. Leatherback has six visible eyes. The Kaiju's most deadly trait is a large, four-lobed organ on its back that can naturally charge and generate an electromagnetic pulse.

So yeah, he's super strong, agile, very defensive, and he can fire an electromagnetic pulse. So, I guess it depends on which Godzilla will be fighting.

Anyways, I want to know what you think about this topic in the comments!