So, recently I purchased two DVDs from a guy online who recorded the entire series of Greenman from cable tv! Finally, they've come in the mail and they are glorious! I am now the proud owner of half of the entire series of Go! Greenman. Woohoo!

I've already learned so much from the first DVD and this will definitely help us in terms of information. Here's a couple of things I've picked up on so far:

  1. All kaiju are created from Phantoms and Maoh only has 51 capable of transforming (including Alter Ego Maoh)
  2. The entrance to the Underworld is in the playground and looks like this
  3. Antogiras is actually an ant
  4. Antogiras's roar(s) is/are reused Bemular roars
  5. Bullpull was planted inside a toy car
  6. Bullpull reuses Showa Baragon/Varan roars
  7. In Greenman vs. Megahertz Maoh and Cretin both have different (less-annoying) voices
  8. Megahertz has a tail and is supposed to be a moth or butterfly, not a bat
  9. Megahertz's deadly gaze emits a red light
  10. Greenman first attempted to use his Eye Beam attack in Greenman vs. Dragonder
  11. King Takorasu can fly briefly
  12. Motoras reuses Red King roars

Mind you, there are 3 other volumes (the second I have as well), so this is amazing!