I'm bored again!

Here's my little list of fantasy kaiju battles. If you want, tell me who you think the winners of some of them would be or tell me some of your own. Lets'a'go!

Emoticon_-_Sanda.png vs. Emoticon_-_Gaira.png vs. Emoticon_-_Toho_King_Kong.png

Emoticon_-_ShodaiEbirah.png vs. Emoticon_-_Ganimes.png

Emoticon_-_Super_Godzilla.png vs. Emoticon_-_SpaceGodzilla.png

Emoticon_-_Fake_Godzilla.png vs. Emoticon_-_Ghost_Godzilla.png

Emoticon_-_MG1.png vs. Emoticon_-_Mechani-Kong.png

Emoticon_-_ShodaiMosuImago.png vs. Emoticon_-_Mothra_Leo.png vs. Emoticon_-_Gigamoth.png vs. Emoticon_-_Battra.png

Emoticon_-_Lightning_Bug.png vs. Emoticon_-_Megalon.png

Emoticon_-_Barem.png vs. Emoticon_-_Hitodah.png

Emoticon_-_Toho_King_Kong.png vs. Emoticon_-_Gabara.png

(I know Godzilla would win for the one below. I just want to see this battle go down)

Emoticon_-_Dagahra.png vs. Emoticon_-_GiraGoji.png