Sometimes I get weird ideas....

now is one of those times.

Basically, I had an idea to make a  series combining the Godman/Greenman universe, the Zone Fighter/Godzilla universe, and the Redman/Ultraman universe. Hence: Ike! Red God-Fighter (amazing name, i know)

I would also want it to last 14 episodes. In the series there would be 1 to maybe 4 main kaiju per episode only so that it wouldn't be four heroes beating on one kaiju. Then again, the show would have to have a story where the 4 heroes gradually meet. I don't know, it's just a though. Anyways, I tried to have 4 kaiju from each series (not including Maoh, Cretin, Phantoms, and Garogas). List time!:

Main Heroes

Main Villains


As you can tell i only put 2 kaiju from Redman. Sorry Redman fans.

But anyways, that's the idea.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on such a...... well....... interesting idea i guess we could call it.