Alright, so I've found some pictures and a few videos on some of the Greenman kaiju. All of the pictures and or videos give name of what monster happens to be appearing there. So, i've been trying to match up the names they give with the ones on our Go! Greenman page's list. Here's the stuff!:

Name given: Shibiregon

Name Match: Shibiregon

Name Given: Akumon

Name Match: Akumon

Name Given: Robabura

Name Match: Robabura

Name Given: Dressing Phantom

Name Match: ???

Now on to the videos (I wasn't able to upload the videos, but i'll give the links):

Name Given: Danbaraki

Name Match: Danbaraki

Name Given: Design Man

Name Match: I would assume the match is Pattern Monster, but I am unsure :/

But, yeah that's everything. I may have hyperbolized a bit about how much stuff I actually had, but I just wanted to share this little bit I found. If you are interested I also found Greenman's battles with Zarizon and the Flashers:

I also found a fight scene between Godman and the Skeleto-Men:

Ok, now I'm done!

Feel free to tell me if you find any other Greenman stuff, this Jokeroo website seems to have a lot of clips. Also, please help me with finding out what episodes "Design Man" and "Dressing Phantom" appeared in by matching their names up with the list on the Go! Greenman page.