Universal recently bought DreamWorks Animation. Their DreamWorks Classics division owns North American licence to several Godzilla movies, including the original. And Universal owns the North American distribution rights to King Kong vs. Godzilla. Is there a possibility Universal Pictures Home Entertainment could release the US and Japanese versions of King Kong vs. Godzilla and DWC's licensed-owned Godzilla movies into a DVD set? 

I mean, compared to Warner Bros. and Sony, Universal didn't have that many Godzilla movies until recently. Legendary Pictures, their own partners, shunned them out of their Godzilla-Kong cinematic universe. Now Warner Bros., who already has their DC Extended Universe, stole Kong: Skull Island from Universal, who only has their Universal Monsters Cinematic Universe. If you ask me, Legendary should've settled it like Marvel did with Spider-Man (Sony co-producing and releasing solo films) and Hulk (Universal releasing solo films). Like, Warner Bros. co-produce, co-finance and release solo Godzilla movies, Universal co-produce, co-finance and release solo Kong movies, and Legendary produce and finance crossovers and other solo films independently with Universal acting as distributor. 

But now, Universal won't be getting anymore Godzilla properties. Why they didn't buy the North American distribution rights to Godzilla Resurgence is beyond me. They better do so for upcoming Japanese Godzilla films or even have NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan were to co-produce a Japanese Godzilla movie with Tohothus giving Universal the international distribution rights and the right of first refusal to release the film in North America.