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  • I was born on April 23
  • LegerPrime

    Since FUNimation's home entertainment deal with Universal, I read things people have been talking about online about the possibility of Universal buying FUNimation. You guys all know FUNimation, the anime guys, the Gods of English Dub. Their film division, FUNimation Films, who mostly releases anime movies, owns the North American distribution rights to Attack on Titan: Part 1 & 2 and Godzilla: Resurrgance. But Universal has their own anime division, NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan, so I don't think they'd have need for another source for anime. Now I've been thinking, if FUNimation was bought buy a media company, who do you guys think would be a potential/perfect buyer? I think it should be either Paramount Pictures, who also owns the U.…

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  • LegerPrime

    Universal recently bought DreamWorks Animation. Their DreamWorks Classics division owns North American licence to several Godzilla movies, including the original. And Universal owns the North American distribution rights to King Kong vs. Godzilla. Is there a possibility Universal Pictures Home Entertainment could release the US and Japanese versions of King Kong vs. Godzilla and DWC's licensed-owned Godzilla movies into a DVD set? 

    I mean, compared to Warner Bros. and Sony, Universal didn't have that many Godzilla movies until recently. Legendary Pictures, their own partners, shunned them out of their Godzilla-Kong cinematic universe. Now Warner Bros., who already has their DC Extended Universe, stole Kong: Skull Island from Universal, who onl…

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