Hello, oh gentle blog reader. Welcome to Baby Jail. This is a place where I sentance you to live amongst outlaw Bandit Babies. Should you survive, and make it through your sentance, you are free to go. The inmates are restless.

Baby Jail

'Baby Face' Malone and 'Toddles' Tim

Inmate List: In for

"Baby Face" Malone: Was sentanced to screaming behind me in a theater.

"Toddles" Timothy: Kicked me in the shin while I was enjoying a fine meal at a resteraunt

"Teething" Tony: Lil bugger bit me.

"WeeWee" Wendy: Pee'd in my pool and laughed about it.

Minya: Perhaps the BIGGEST baby to be sent to Baby Jail is Minya. Has attempted to escape MULTIPLE times, but due to his own sheer stupidity, being almost 50 years old and not smart enough to grow out of the baby stage, makes him the most dangerous. He is currently missing from Craddle Confinement and is rumored to be lurking this very Wiki. Please inform Officer Bumpkins and Officer Sponge if you see this Giant Baby. PLEASE BE CAREFULL AROUND THIS GIANT BABY.


Most Dangerous at night.

"Filled Diaper" Danny: I don't think I have to explain this one.

"Muddy" Melvin: A known mud slinger, always dirty and splattered mud on my newly bathed dog.

Ultraman Boy: Rumored to be Minya's 'Inside' man. We have yet to catch this baby. He remains at large for being the most pointless Ultra in creation.
Ultraman Baby

"Screaming" Sally: Was arrested for screaming in the hallways of my appartment building, like, wow, control your babies, mom.

"Tantrum" Tim: Tim is perhaps the most dangerous baby in the whole jail. 

"Patty Cake" Paul: We don't know what he's in for, but he wants to stay.

Blogger's note: This Blog is ment to bring some humor to the Wiki after the massive feces storm that just happened between a certain mod and the chat room. Hopefully none of the names here are similar, because if they are, I'm sorry. I assure you if your name is even mentioned, its out of sheer coincidence.