As you all know, Daiei's poster boy for years was Gamera, with Daimajin being a close second kaiju. But did you know that even before Gamera was considered, there was a period of Nezura? See, Daiei wanted to make a monster flick, just like Toho, and decided, 'why not use rats?'. There's several still shots and promotional photos for the Nezura movie. The film was canceled due the fact they used live, untrained rats that caused worry for the neighboring town of Daiei studios. That, and they burnt several of the live rats and electricuted them. So Nezura was canceled, and Gamera was born! Now before the comments of the blog turn into 'source'. Get the Gamera The Invincible/ Giant Monster Gamera SHOUT! Factory DVD with the bonus features. Apparently, the conditions where so bad, with lice, ticks and germs from the sewer rats they caught for shooting the film, Kojima, the executive at Daiei, shut the project down.