So, I recently found a series on Youtube counting the kill counts of all the various Ultramen, from Ultraman to Cosmos/Max/Mebius. 

Got me to thinking. Is Godzilla strong enough to pull off some of these double digit numbers? Well, let us look. 

As you can see here...He barely even made it to the double digits. And I was being generous with the two Kamacuras he killed and Second Mothra Larva that died before Ghidrah the Three Headed Monster.

I was also being kind enough to let Hedorah and MechaGodzilla on the list, since humans helped with Hedorah and contributed to its death, and both Humans and King Caesar helped with that.

Not counting Kumonga or Ghidorah either, since he was a contributing factor to their deaths. Both of the deaths involved more than one monster killing off the threat at hand, with Minya being involved in both and oddly enough, dealing the final blow each time. 

Also not counting the Jellars or Garborg and Spider-Uros, as Zone Fighter helped Godzilla out with those. Compare Godzilla's 11 kills to Ultraman, who, not counting his series cross overs, had a total of 38 kills between 1966-1967. And don't give me the 'Godzilla fought tougher enemies' either. Sure, Hedorah, MechaGodzilla and Ghidorah are big named kaiju, but Ultraman handled monsters on their level. 

Godzilla's most famous kill is an already dieing Mothra. Think about that.