Woah nelly, it's been a while since I posted here. Some major stuff went down in my life, mom's boyfriend passed away, had a major fit of depression, mom going in for cancer surgury. Life gets hectic, and I needed to choose between UltraWiki, GodzillaWiki and all the rest or my life, and I chose my life. Hope you don't mind. I still check in from time to time, add a comment to a page, make a slight edit, correcting some spelling.

There was also the whole drama between Ultraman Series wiki and UltraWiki, and I didn't really want to get involved in that. Internet drama is such a dumb thing to stress out over, and at 25, I'm already getting premature gray hairs and stress pains in my body from all the other crap that piled up. I don't mean any illwill towards either Wiki, and I choose to be at UltraWiki more cause of all the pages I contributed too, almost 90 percent of non Ultra-series kaiju pages where started by me, and I'm sure Ultraman Series Wiki is going strong, having such devoted people work on it.

So yeah, sorry for being gone. Sorry for possibly reopening wounds between the two Ultra Wikis, I know and saw Goji73 doing some page edits here, and I know some of the UltraWiki people visit here, so I hope this message gets across. I hope you've all been well, and in good health.