ok this is going to be a rant and stuff so be prepared for major stuff 

ok i went to clovers poll and guess how many people hate him 16 #$@!ING people seriously i think clover needs some more fans we have no idea what his powers are or his origins i think that is so.....awesome because think about it we know every single kaiju origins and there powers and such so what jj did is make a monster that WE as fans can make up his origins his powers everything its such a good idea . and why do people always say zilla vs clover or king kong vs clover he doesnt deserve king $#!@ he deservs a fight with idw zilla and zilla jr hell he should have a fight with &%$@ing king ghidorah and not to mention &%#$ing gypsy danger,crono alpha,etc and the kaiju at least slattern or some $#!@ he is my 10 favirote monster i have a top 20 favirote monsters and he is part of them for #@!$ sack people give him $#!@ about how hes more weaker then zilla (movie zilla i hated that movie well another rant for another day) how even kin kong would beat him haha WRONG this is complete bull$#!@ ok now im being a fan boy but arent we all fanboys/fangirls in the godzilla universe so to put this rant down is clover should have a chance 

i told you there was going to be stuff anyway sorry for cursing and see you guys on chat or a other place