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Now, I know that there's some people on here who use Garry's Mod, and so I decided to make this big announcement! For the past few months, a user on Steam named Ultimo, King of Monsters has been porting Kaiju from Godzilla: Unleashed to SFM, and recently he's began porting them from SFM to Garry's Mod too! He's also tasked me to put them up on the Garry's Mod Steam Workshop.

So, I figured it would be good to get this message out there!

So far, Mothra (Larva and Imago), Baragon, Baltan, Ultraman and Anguirus have been ported to Garry's Mod, with more to come!

You can find them Here! Currently, Mothra is one page behind the other addons. Just click on the little 2 above the icons and she'll be in the next page of addons.

I hope you enjoy using these!