Sharkosuchus Info. (Remake)

Credit goes to GodzillaZero-Ones Hebimizu blog post for the inspiration.

The Sharkosuchus is a kaiju that is planned to be released in a game sharing the same name as the monster.

Fan Kaiju
Fused Great White and Saltwater Crocodile
The Aquatic Terror
 ??? meters
75,000 tons
Controlled by
Kazin, JSDF, Hybrehemoth
Created by
First appearance
Sharkosuchus (film/game)
Last appearance
Kazin vs. the Aquatic Terror (film)
Sharkosuchus Roar Concept


A meetup between a Great White and a Saltwater Crocodile resulted in a fight to the death between the two. They came to a volcano, which violently erupted and destroyed itself, knocking both out. They woke up just to somehow be merged by a massive nuclear bomb testing, where the creature went to dormancy after migrating to Mauna Loa.


The name is a pun off the largest crocodilian to date; the Sarcosuchus.


The Sharkosuchus appears as a massive, bipedal crocodile. His rear legs have been made much thicker, leaving his front arms to be built more like Godzilla or Gamera. He has a large dorsal fin on his back, and two pectoral fins between the legs and arms. The tail is reminiscent of Titanosaurus, having a large fin at the end for swimming. It can also kick up powerful winds, again, similar to the former kaiju. Finally, its back is covered in scutes for protective purposes, leading up to its head. Its head has horns over its eyes, and its snout looks like a crocodile, but is made stubbier than a regular Saltwater muzzle due to the Great White genetics in it. Naturally, it can move well in water, however, it's sluggish on land from genetics as well.


Showa Era

Sharkosuchus (film/game)

One of the only two known occurrences of the Sharkosuchus appearing was in 1984, when Mauna Loa erupted. The kaiju rose out from the lava, officially ending its hibernation. After, she began heading down towards the nearest city. After it reached the area, it explored civilization, causing mass destruction by exploring its own abilites. The military only caused it to begin rampaging, wrecking the city even quicker than before. In the very end, the people stared at what was left of the city - ashes, rubble and petrified stone. She waddled into the ocean, swimming off to Mount Pinatubo to lay dormant again.

Sharkosuchus X Hybrehemoth (film)

Later, in 1991, Mount Pinatubo would erupt, awakening the Sharkosuchus once again. This time, the kaiju would wander the city and begin to rampage after being shot by the military. However, soon enough, the ground split open as a new kaiju, named Hybrehemoth, crawled out from a network of tunnels and also began to destroy the area. Soon enough, the two kaiju met, and tried to intimidate one or the other. Both refused to back down as a fight for territorial protection began. Hybrehemoth initially gained the upper hand, but was defeated when Sharkosuchus used the first instance of her Pompeii-Power breath, petrifying the wings and forcing the dangerous hybrid to retreat back underground. Soon, Sharkosuchus left to find a new volcano. Before her hibernation period, she laid her eggs(being impregnated between 1984-1991 most likely from a male Sharkosuchus) and went into hibernation.

Kazin vs. the Aquatic Terror (film)

Some time later in the future, she would wake up once again to wreak havoc amongst the city nearby. She would meet and face off against another kaiju named Kazin and a massive robot, named KDM-001. Assumedly, the original is killed, but soon later, the eggs hatch. Two survive, the opposite genders, however, the male is shunned from the volcano and is forced to migrate a long distance. The female migrates to a nearby volcano, and lays dormant for several years.

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