If you love Kaijus, then I am sure you will love these Japanese videos!

If you love Kaijus,  then I am sure you will love these Japanese videos!

Everyday I will add at least one video! So if you want to see more Kaiju, come here everyday!

Please leave comments, and suggestions below!

Videos: Latest (TOP) Oldest (BOTTOM)

(Note: I won't always be able to a find video everyday, although I try my best).

Armored Giant Gunbot (02/17/2015)

Esute deodorizing charcoal Hero Hen Commercial & Epilogue... (02/16/2015)

Ultra festival opening commercial (02/16/2015)

GK Commercial: Gamera (02/15/2015)

Santen Commercial (02/11/2015)

Random Youtube Videos (2) (02/11/2015)

Giant God Warrior Appears in Tokyo (Studio Ghibli) (02/10/2015)

Negiman/Onion Man (Gainax/Daicon) (02/08/2015)

Random Youtube Videos (1) (02/08/2015)

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