To anyone that believes Mothra and the M.U.T.O.s are the creature, here are the differences between them.

1. Mothra is an insect. The Mutos are parasites.

2. Mothra has six legs, antennas, and an abdomen. Male Muto has four legs. Female Muto has eight legs and no wings.

3. Mothra only attacked cities when the Shobijin were captured, or when she was controlled by aliens. The Mutos attacked cities to find each other.

4. Mothra is a benevolent kaiju. Making her evil would ruin her character. Mutos are hostile.

5. Mothra can reproduce asexually. The Mutos require one male and one female to reproduce.

That's all the differences I can find between them. This belief that Mothra and the Mutos are the same character has got to end folks. If there is any more differences between them, please comment. Have a blessed evening.