ill start off todays rant by saying that im really exited about the upcoming Attack on Titan movie thats coming up. im a huge fan of the show and im also a fan of the gentlemen leading the production. but, im having some sudden doubts about how it will turn out. i remembered movies like Dragonball Evolution The Last Airbender. those movies ruined the beloved cartoons we loved. a few things i have gathered about Attack on Titans's live-action reboot has further caused doubt. for one, the design style is drastically different. in the show, the design of the wall and towns was made to reflect 16th century Europe and was fairly urbanized. in the movie, the wall looks thrown together and rinky-dink and the towns look like slums. this one i get. it better reflects the state of mankind at the time. so that one, no biggy. another thing is that all of the actors have the same hair color, and the male characters have similar hairstyles. in the show, each character had their own look going for them, and were all of different ethnic groups. im not trying to say they all look the same, they dont, but it kinda takes away from their personality a teeny tiny bit. also this one is understandable, because the movie was made in japan, so all they have is japanese actors. again, no real harm there. but the one thing that troubles me the most, is that they renamed Captain Levi. come on. not cool guys. i watched the show for levi, gall dangit! i couldnt care less about anyone else, with the exeptions of Mikasa and Annie(who were also pretty BA), i wanted to see the worlds most BA soldier ply his craft in style. thanks for reading(if you did read it), this one wasn't as kaiju-related but it has some pertinence to the genre. even though I've noticed these possible flaws, i still want to see this movie finished and on the big screen. plz be nice in the comments, and good day.