Hello wikizilla! Its been a while! I want to start off by saying that I'm sorry for not posting on a daily basis like the name suggests. But now we're back on track with new material that'll last an entire week, and if you leave suggestions in the comments I'll have enough for two. So, today I'll be ranting about the new ideas I've been having and i'd really like your feedback on this. Here we go.

Idea #1: Vlogging

Yes, i just said the word vlogging. Deal with it. Vlogging, or video blogging for you cavemen out there, is mostly loathed by people. I get that. But it could be the thing to breathe a little life into my silly ramblings. I have a working webcam, an empty wall to use as a backdrop, and editing software. About everything I'll need. Is that a smart move?

Idea #2: starting my own website for these things

This is not so much an idea, more a goal for the future. I hope to start my own blog site...thingy and expand my horizons beyond just the Godzilla franchise. Having the text posts with da words and the videos with a comment response section and a little more info would make a decent site. Not exactly original, but you get my point. Don't you?

Idea #3: release rants every other day

This is actually how I've been doing things the last couple of days and its worked out pretty well actually. Could this be my new thing? I'm well aware that "Johnos's Every-Other-Daily Rant" dosn't have quite the same ring to it, but I think I'll just keep the name and change the gimmick. Doing it this way will give me time to relax and come up with material for another rant. Is good thing, yes?


Honestly, if I had enough material, could blog for a living, but I don't think I do, and its hard to make money off a non-profit project like a blog anyways. So, since I haven't decided on the whole bi-daily thing, I guess I'll post again tomorrow. Give me some feedback. Help a slouchy nerd out. And with that I'm out. Have a good one out there.