Hello again its the Johnos, and today's rant will be short, because its focus will be input from you, yes, YOU, to create a new creepypasta about Super Godzilla to publish as a collaborative effort by Wikizilla.

My Current ideas

First, lets start with what I've got so far. The plot setup that follows is actually loosely based on a real-life experience. A man (still to be named) finds his SNES in his parents basement. He opened a random box in the basement and found it and all the games he had owned for it inside. (now we get to the fiction part) Except, there was one game he didn't own as a child in the box: Super Godzilla. He had always wanted to try it and was a huge Godzilla fan, so he takes the box home and begins to play. the title screen is normal, but the game is not.(a common cliche i know) on the first level, the enemy monster and there were no hazards, the tiles that had power-ups, health stations, or info points. all of the building tiles were replaced with rubble tiles. in the top right area, where you would sometimes find King Ghidorah, ther was a red power-up tile. when he walked over it, a dialog box appeared. the face icon on the side was filled with static, like when the professor got kidnapped. the text said "you were too late." and it automatically reset. this time, Godzilla's eyes glowed on the title screen, and there was no music.he pressed start and it skipped the usual dialog at the beginning and went straight to the game. All the water was replaced with blood and the ground and building textures were very dark, almost black, in color. the music played backwards and the top of the screen showed a dark, smoke-filled sky like at the end of the game. and thats all i have so far...


Do you like what i have so far? please leave a comment or two below telling me what should happen next! The entiraty of Wikizilla will be credited with its creation, that is, if it ever gets published. Thats it for today, see you tomarrow wikizilla!