heres an idea ive had for a while...

KDM-001, Japan's last line of defence!

height: 100m

faction: GDF/ Government

appearance: (see picture)

origins: it is the new Kaiju Defense Mech made to protect the country from monster attack. the inventor of the KDM lost his wife in the last kaiju attack. he was inspired by his son's collection of robot toys.

abilities: KDM-001 has shoulder mounted missile pods, and powerful laser cannons on the ends of his arms. he has jump jets on his feet and back that allow for short-term flight (more like hovering than actual flight) his torso can turn a full 360 degrees in either direction. he has advanced armor plating that resists heat and puncture. he is remote controlled.

this is a poster for mechwarrior, but this is its general appearance.