Today,(7-7-2015) marks the 114th birthday of Eiji Tsubaraya. To some this might not seem too important, but it is to me. Eiji Tsubaraya is considered by many to be the father of the Tokusatsu genre or one of the many pioneers at least. Most importantly he created the grandfather of modern Kaiju, Godzilla, king of the monsters and personally my favorite thing in the world. Basically, without the work of Mr. Tsubaraya, the Kaiju genre as we know it might not exist. Another thing that is great (and what alerted me to this in the first place) is that Google honored this day with a logo that becomes an interactive mini-game of sorts.(unfortunately not pictured, couldnt get a screen shot, sorry) Well, thats about it, if you do manage to get a screenshot, that would be greatly appreciated. Today is important to me, so i thought id let it be known. Please pay your respects if you get the chance. Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings!

Eiji tsubaraya

Eiji Tsubaraya July 7, 1901-Jan. 25, 1970