10th birthday Wikizilla

Today, July 22nd, 2015, is a landmark day for Wikizilla. It turned ten years old today! For this rant Ill reminisce on my time spent here, and make a few predictions for the future of the site.

My Experience

I'll start this section off by saying that this is also a personal landmark: this article is my 200th contribution on Wikizilla! But anyway, I found this site long before I became a user.I'd slack off in English class, looking through Wikizilla's many articles when i was supposed to be typing an essay. I wanted to be a user so bad, I'd brag to my friends that i was an important editor, even though I wasn't. When i arrived, I was in heaven. Finally, my nerdiness could do something worthwhile. I've made numerous pen-pals in the chat since then, made plenty of comments, asked plenty of questions, and even started writing my Daily Rants and making gameplay videos, just to benefit the site. I love this site, and nothing will ever change that. I have devoted myself to the cause of Godzilla's documentation.

What Does the Future Hold?

Ultimately, only time will tell, but i'm thinking that the site will rise in popularity, now that the Great Kaiju Resurgence is taking place. I've already preached to my friends about the site, all of whom have a Wiki account, so that's about seven people who might get on board right there. I think that this site should be considered an educational resource, because everyone who comes here and wanders its many articles, will learn something.


This site is an important part of my life, and i hope it is to you guys too. I hope to see lots of "happy birthday"s in the comments, and maybe some stories of how Wikizilla has changed some lives for the better. A big shoutout to all the ranking users(admins, bureaucrats, ect..) for keeping this site accurate and, for the most part, hater and troll free. Thanks for everything Wikizilla, and happy birthday.