Hello Wikizilla it is the Johnos once again, and I would like to first apologize for not posting or chatting yesterday, I had a lot going on at home and just never got around to it. So anyway, lets begin. This game is pretty good. So lets go through its many aspects.


This game plays like your average tournament fighter. the controls are pretty fluent, and there are numerous combos and special moves. i still haven't found them all my self, and have a hard time pulling them off sometimes. I guess this, and the insane difficulty of the game, are its flaws. But I wouldn't exactly call them flaws, games at the time were well known for being difficult. I still don't like how you must depend on these complex combos to win, but they are hard to do and you end up frantically mashing buttons trying to get it to work.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics and sound are amazing for the time. The sprites look accurate, the arenas look just like the movie sets, and the sounds are almost flawless. I spend hours listening to the many subtle sounds and grand music. This game captured the franchise perfectly, making it the best Godzilla game in terms of accuracy (until Godzilla: The Game that is).


There you have it, a little difficult, but still fun. i give the game a 8.5/10. Its great. TRY IT OUT!!!!!!! But anyway, todays rant was pretty short. Just taking one day off has gotten me out of the loop a little. For future reference, I will be taking more vacations like this in the future because writing these rants on a daily basis is pretty hard work and i miss sleep doing this when I do. With my weak attention span, it takes me hours to finish even a short rant like this one. Big thanks to my fans, if i have any, and know i put myself through this for you guys. So, thats it for today, have a good one.