Hi there! I'm Johnos. if you look through the comments of some items of the films category, I have posted a short review of the film and given it an out-of-ten score. I plan on taking that idea to the next level by writing full reviews of films and posting them on my blog. I will accept suggestions via comment or direct message. the films I will review will be limited to those I OWN as I will have to re-watch the films to get more in-depth and accurate details. I will mostly judge them based on the people story(also called human plot, for you smart ones out there) and monster action, with a few mentions of other aspects of the film including a total count of visible strings on monsters and amount and quality of stock footage. please also keep in mind that these will be done at my leisure, with no definite schedule. I hope you enjoy it. I also want to thank the person who started Wikizilla, as it has quickly become my internet paradise. that is all. you can go about your business.  

disclaimer: These reviews reflect the views of the reviewer and not that of Wikizilla or its affiliates.