Hello again Wikizilla! I apologize for being gone so long, but I had a power outage that lasted an overwhelming 3 days! I've pondered upon the feedback I got from the last rant, and I'm proud to announce the Johnos Firewalker Official Wiki is coming soon. The daily rants will be more diverse in topics as to have more material, and I'll be vlogging on my YouTube channel once I figure the damn thing out. And I mean figure EVERYTHING out. Activating the webcam, getting the microphone to work, uploading properly, and working the stupid editing software. It'll be a while before I get to the whole vlogging thing though, so calm yourselves. As for the wiki, I'll begin working on it immediately. As for the kaiju related rants, I'll be posting those on both this blog and on my new wiki. I may not have a fan base yet, but I have a few chat buddies that scan through every now and then and a few random people that find the titles interesting and checked it out. I'll allow editors, but only for edits of the grammatical sort. So, in short, I'll be starting my own thing but I will never abandon Wikizilla. I repeat, NOT abandoning Wikizilla. So, with that i move forward into my career and try to make a name for myself. AS usual, have a great day peeps.