• JakeNBake

    Re-watch value.

    February 22, 2015 by JakeNBake

    Out of all the films, which one do you find has the most re-watch value?

    Not your favorite, or the "best" - but the one you can pop in anytime. 

    Personally, I'd have to go with Godzilla vs Biollante. Always fun to watch the miniature effects.  

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  • JakeNBake

    Early Xmas Present

    December 8, 2014 by JakeNBake

    Homegrown Godzilla

    Merry news indeed. 

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  • JakeNBake

    Easy question: what are your earliest memories of the Big G and co.?

    For me it's watching my 3-VHS pack of King of the Monsters, Godzilla's Revenge and Terror of Mechagodzilla to death in the early to mid nineties. I distinctly recall Revenge seemed stupid even back then when I first saw it. The video stores sometimes offered a rare and glorious Heisei film for weekend enjoyment, and when the ads for the movie hit, I flipped shit. It was exciting.

    Then... it happened. Seriously, I remember a six-year-old me asking as I walked out of the theater; "Where was his atomic breath?"

    Still waiting on an answer.

    Anyhoo, enough of me and my crushed dreams, what are your oldest kaiju recollections?

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  • JakeNBake

    Godzilla solo film?

    August 14, 2014 by JakeNBake

    Seriously, think about it. Could there ever be another good Godzilla film that doesn't feature any monster-on-monster action? Everyone likes the Vs formula, the new series even started with it. Would we accept a one monster film?

    Gojira and Return of Godzilla both made it work, and with advancements in technology and a good budget I think Toho could pull it off.... but, would they?

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  • JakeNBake

    First blog ever.

    As a child I watched the hell out of a 3-VHS Godzilla movie collection. King of the Monsters, All Monsters Attack and Terror of Mechagodzilla. This is where my love of the genre was born. I remember renting Heisei films from blockbuster, and let me tell you, Netflix doesn't come close to the video-store experience.  Anyway, after Roland Emmerich teamed up with the cast of the Simpsons to kill my childhood, my interest in Godzilla faded. Thus, I lost my classic VHS collection. Sad, I know. So, when I re-discovered the Big G in high-school I started collecting kaiju DVDs. So, what you got?

    Mine as of today:

    • King Kong (1933)
    • Gojira
    • Godzilla Raids Again
    • King Kong vs Godzilla
    • Mothra vs Godzilla
    • Ghidra! The Three-Headed Monster
    • Monster Z…
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