Indominus Rex 2016

aka Felipe (My real name)

  • I live in The Council of Creators HQ
  • I was born on November 10
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Male
  • Indominus Rex 2016


    Raptor gets aweken by a horde of Beowolfs at Forever Fall forest

    Raptor:Bring it on!


    Raptor:*Becomes an Allosaurus and roars back*

    Beowolfs:*Claw strike*

    Raptor:*Charges at the Beowolfs*

    an Death Stalker shows up

    Death Stalker:*Roar*

    Raptor:Oh GREAT an giant scorpion! *Becomes an Giga* Let's see how you take care of the biggest carnivore dinosaur!



    ???:I will take care of him.

    Raptor:Who are you?

    ???:Im Salem, the queen of all Grimm!

    Raptor:Well ms."Queen" you and your creatures have disturbed me, and now you have to pay.

    Salem:Don't waste my time

    Raptor:Waste YOUR time?! Don't worry, this shoud be quick.

    Salem attacks with an red blaster out of her hand

    Raptor dodges and shots fire balls in Dragon form

    Salem do…

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