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    A little "project"!

    February 18, 2016 by Gojiran103


    I wouldn't necessarily call this a project, but I've been working up a ideal/hypothetical Godzilla game that popped up some months ago. It's conceptualized as a mix of free roam and a fighting genre, and as such I have made a title card!

    As you can the see, the game is entitled as Godzilla: Revival which the "revival" term is literally directing at the latest Japanese and American Godzilla's arrival, as well as a rebirth to past kaiju, and incarnations in the series. The title card is currently only the beta title, as I'm going to add a lot of cool stuff to it as time goes on.

    This blog will most likely be updated many times. Enjoy, tell me what you think of the game and the title card!

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  • Gojiran103

    Hi guys, It's been a while since I've done my last blog post, I'm planning to do a couple or few more soon, but anyways, here's what I'm gonna talk about, what do you want in the PS3 Godzilla Game? What are your expectations? What do you want do in this game? etc.

    Not to long ago, in June, there have been screenshots and articles on the internet saying thing's about a new Godzilla game, when the respectful Bureaucrat, Titanollante had spread the entire news on a thread, with screenshots, and a trailer. Everyone became eagerly exited for the game, then in time, which is about now. There has been new screenshots recently, video's on YouTube about the PS3 Godzilla game, and then everyone, outside of the wiki (Such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter…

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    Okay, first of all. This is my first blog post, originally I have been planning this A WHILE yeah, finally came up with this blog post. Remember that giant reptillian creature That attacked New York in 1998? That was mentioned in GMK? Well, may be a little depressing...but i've came up with something, that what if that creature appeared in the film?

    Obviously, it would be very dissapointing.

    But if ya don't like it, you don't have to, it was the only first, "good" Idea I could of came up with, so. I guess we'll start with the synopsis. I don't know much about this film since I didn't watch it, but I hope it ends up good

    "Some time ago in the middle of 2001...after Godzilla was brutally defeated by the drilling machine...some monsters…

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