Dreams are crazy and Nightmares are scary. One night after playing Godzilla for 10 hours. I fell asleep and I saw a ashy like fog. Out of the fog Godzilla appeared stomping on a broken yet barely intact earth. Godzilla was searching through the ashes for his friends. Anguirus appeared and stood by his loyal friend. Rodan appears and lands on the ground. Suddenly the ground started to shake and King Ghidorah and SpaceGodzilla appeared. Godzilla and co. Turned around and roared at the foes. The ground shook and the ground started cracking. Godzilla and the others ran and Rodan picked both up and flew to the yet still thriving Mars. Ghidorah then knocked Rodan and co. Into Mars and landed with a thump. Godzilla rose from the ashes looking at his friends. Anguirus got up yet Rodan died. Godzilla and Anguirus turned to the foes and roared. Godzilla charged at spacegodzilla and pushes spacegodzilla. Anguirus uses his back spikes to ram into King Ghidorah. Godzilla fell on the ground and was stabbed in the arms by spacegodzilla. King Ghidorah was bleeding from the spikes of Anguirus and died from infection. Anguirus then bit spacegodzilla's tail and ripped it off. Godzilla bit spacegodzilla's neck and uses a heated infected bite and finished him off. Godzilla was covered in scars and blood. Godzilla turned to his loyal friend and roared good bye and walked off. Anguirus turned the opposite of Godzilla and walked off.