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    I really can't wait for all the Kaiju movies that are coming, but I'm even more excited for the two Godzilla movies coming and I want to take this chance to tell you all what I want more the two movies.

    Godzilla returns in Toho's new movie, but not in the way we suspect. I was revealed that The king has "Forms" and the design we saw was his first form and the third/final form is closer to the original Godzillawe all know and love. But when I look back at the first form Godzilla seems to be zombiefied, as if he returned from the dead. At first I didn't think much of it and thought it was a scary design which is what I kinda wanted, but then I slept on the idea of Godzilla rising from the dead and I got an idea/theory.

    What if Godzilla's first…

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  • Goji3015films

    Is it possible for The king of the monsters to be in the grim world of attack on titan and the war on Kaijus in Pacific rim? Legendary did state they want to make Kaiju universe like the marvel universe, which starts with the new King kong versus Godzilla film, and Toho made the Attack on titan live action films. So, could it work? Or is it just a dream?

    Toho made the live action Attack on titan movies and is now currently making the Godzilla 2016 film, so why not do a crossover? Well the Attack on titan movies weren't the best, but that shouldn't stop them. A Godzilla and Attack on titan crossover will defiantly be a money maker IF done correctly. Here's the steps and my ideas for a film like that.

    First, the cast and crew will watch the an…

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