Hi there! Godzillabrawler here, I haven't been on Wikizilla in a while, so bare with me. My brother bought KoM 3 yesterday, and its okay. The interior art isn't great, although I might be spoiled from great monthly art in Sonic Universe. The cover I have, Cover B, is epic (as misleading as it may be). The two demon girls are very interesting, and its very cool to see Battra. Godzilla only appeared for two pages, but oh well. Anguirus got minimal time also. Girly Yaya reminds me of the woman from S.C.A.L.E. in Godzilla: the series. President Ogden is interesting. And that redneck from Texas got what was coming for being so stupid for attempting to shoot a gigantic kaiju with a sniper rifle and think it'd actually do anything. And I saw the story so far in the front and saw these icons:

  • Godzilla (duh)
  • Anguirus
  • Battra
  • Hedorah (COOOOLL)
  • King Ghidorah (Matt Frank's cover looks epic)
  • Kumonga (again, epic cover)
  • MechaGodzilla (w00t)
  • Mothra
  • Rodan
  • SpaceGodzilla (shweet)

My only clueless problem is that I don't know if you can subscribe and recieve it in the mail or if I'm gonna miss issues because of it only being sold in comic shops. I can't drive 30 minutes every month to a comic book store.

Comment on this issue and others. I only own the third one so bear that in mind.

Godzillabrawler: the King of the Kaiju Brawl 16:30, June 5, 2011 (UTC)