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    Hi there! Godzillabrawler here, I haven't been on Wikizilla in a while, so bare with me. My brother bought KoM 3 yesterday, and its okay. The interior art isn't great, although I might be spoiled from great monthly art in Sonic Universe. The cover I have, Cover B, is epic (as misleading as it may be). The two demon girls are very interesting, and its very cool to see Battra. Godzilla only appeared for two pages, but oh well. Anguirus got minimal time also. Girly Yaya reminds me of the woman from S.C.A.L.E. in Godzilla: the series. President Ogden is interesting. And that redneck from Texas got what was coming for being so stupid for attempting to shoot a gigantic kaiju with a sniper rifle and think it'd actually do anything. And I saw the st…

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    GZ4 Wishlist

    December 22, 2010 by Godzillabrawler

    Heyho! Firstly, has anyone been able to download that 4-hour aduio interview with Simon Strange? I have dial-up so I can't download the mp3. It is apparently VERY interesting, as he talks about the attempts to include Gamera, Kong, Bagan, CLOVER?! I wanted to hear those... :(

    Anyway, he also talked about GZ4 (Atari and Pipewroks next Godzilla game) and this is what I want them to put in.

    If you've heard me say it on here you can obviously tell want I want the game to play like: Godzilla: Save the Earth. Unleashed was good in its own regard but I really like StE's style better. Multiple throws, rage attacks, and even airstrikes.

    Traffic should destabalize during a fight and we need more power-ups. And yes we neeeeeeeeed airstrikes!

    First of all…

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    Godzilla game hacks

    December 2, 2010 by Godzillabrawler

    Okay, I myself am not crazy enough to attempt hacking a game. No. However, I do like seeing what otehrs have done with their hacking skills. I have been unsuccesful in trying to find arhcives/galleries of hacks from Godzilla: Save the Earth and Godzilla: Unleashed. People who have hacked Super Smash Bros. Brawl have been able to recolor and re-vertex the charaters in that game. I want to know if other people on the internet have done similar things to the Godzilla games. If you know about a site with something like this, please tell me.

    I honestly never have used hacks, because of two things:

    1. Hacking is extremely complicated. I'd probably not even be able to get someone ELSE's hack on my game
    2. I have this fear that I'll permanantly screw up my g…
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    Lo and behold! I, Godzillabrawler, have briefly returned to Wikizilla! I will only edit this new blog and probably won't return here for a while, due to extinuating circumstances. For one thing, I recently became a member of Fanon Wiki, a wiki for ANYTHING, yes ANYTHING fanon. I have been helping there minimally, but still enough to keep me away from here.

    Anywho, it seems that old blogs are better off forgotten, so I am making this one. Here, if you have read the previous blog, this is where you can discuss it. What do you like about the idea? What don't you like? What would you do if you owned the game? Do you hope it eventually IS made? What would you add/remove from the game? What monsters/cities would you build? Would you like it on a d…

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    First of all, I would like to ask you to read the whole blog, as my blogs are a bit lengthy, please read it all before commenting. Thanks!

    Well, as you can tell by the blog’s title, I came up with a great idea for a Godzilla Do-It-Yourself game. Its name is undecided, but it would be for PS3, Xbox 360, and a smaller version would be released for the PS2. It would allow players to design the appearance, sound effects, moveset, name, and strengths and weaknesses of their own monsters, as well as create their own attacks and arenas. Basically, you can build your own version of your city, design that fanzilla monster you love so much, and wreak havoc with your own attacks. That’s the beautiful part of my game.

    Secondly, the game would have up to…

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