Okay I got an idea from some comments and now I present to you...


This is judged by which of the years your birth year is closest too.

1954,1984-Godzilla- A steadfast leader who always is the captain, like it or not.

1955-Anguirus- The loyal sidekick who is usually Godzilla's ally.

1956,1965-Rodan- The ally/enemy, he is either against Godzilla or with him.

1933,1962,1976,1986,2005-King Kong- The enemy and reluctant rival.

1961,1996,1997-Mothra- Loves the environment and stops at nothing to save it.

1964,1991-King Ghidorah- Almost always a rival who conquers and usually lands short doing so.

1966-Ebirah- The unpopular enemy who doesn't enjoy big crowds, not a lot to this guy.

1967,1969-Minilla- The underrated child who sometimes isn't liked much.

1971-Hedorah- An enemy of lots of people, this guy isn't liked much either.

1972-Gigan- The savage enemy who is popular, but also really mean.

1973-Megalon- The underrated royalty servant.

1974-King Caesar- A royal servant who isn't popular or unpopular.

1975-MechaGodzilla I- The popular savage enemy with a wide arsenal of nasty tricks.

1989-Biollante- An enemy who actually isn't evil, actually nice on the inside.

1992-Battra- The popular non-evil enemy who has had one big burst of fame, but his only.

1993-MechaGodzilla II- A protector with a wide arsenal.

1994-SpaceGodzilla- An unoriginal but powerful conqueror.

1995-Destroyah- The famous devil, also one of the strongest.

1998-Zilla- The disliked unoriginal neutral person.

1999-Orga- A copier of anyone he takes fancy in.

2000-Megaguirus- The queen of a big group, she will do anything to protect family and friends.

2001-Baragon- The unpopular neutral fellow, who isn't disliked or famous.

2002,2003-Kiryu- An unoriginal protector who doesn't always do his job well though.

2004-Monster X- A naturally evil person who stops at nothing to get something done right.

2014-M.U.T.O.s- The popular person who cares about his or her family only.