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I have ideas from time to time. And this is one of them. I will live stream Godzilla: Unleashed on, which will have monsters tailored to You! So yes, you can get in the bracket, with your name and your monster (leave a comment in the comment section with your monster, which has to be within the 26 monsters in G: U), and who knows, ya might win! Or you might lose. (Because Wii has no wifi no more, and G: U never had it to begin with) I will randomise the monster of whom I play, which makes it fair (more than it could be), but trust me, I am only good with 4 monsters, All the MechaGodzilla's and Destoroyah. I will use a website called challonge (I will somehow put it on the stream) and it will be quite cool. Or not. You guys just could not say what Monster you want, and have it in. That's cool as well. I need more than 4 or so people for this. If not will steal names and do it that way.